Dressing Your Truth

Carol has adapted Energy Profiling to create a resource for women she calls Beauty Profiling.

Beauty Profiling helps a woman come to know her true nature and then not only live it, but dress it! Carol’s best-selling book, “Dressing Your Truth- Discover Your Personal Beauty Profile is the first step in helping a woman discover her true nature and inner beauty.

After successfully discovering her Beauty Profile, she is ready to begin her Dressing Your Truth online course and experience. Dressing Your Truth teaches a woman not only the right clothes to wear to compliment her inner and outer beauty, but also what jewelry, accessories, makeup, hairstyles, and skin care that is right for her.

Dressing Your Truth does not follow the latest fashion trends, instead, it shows you what will work for you regardless of the day’s styles. Dressing Your Truth teaches every woman how to become her own beauty expert by helping her tap in to her own beauty sixth sense.

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